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Personalised Care

We want you to have a holistic experience and not get lost in the crowd while exploring some of the most pristine locations in the Himalayas. That is why we make sure that each of our trekking group is small – consisting of 4-10 people, so that we can provide you with personalised care with attention to detail. This not only helps us provide efficient service, but also goes in hand with our motto of keeping the ecosystem clean.

Quality and Consistent Services

Be assured of consistency and quality because at Banjara Trails we have a dedicated and handpicked team for all our operations. We do not outsource anything and organise, manage and run everything on our own, be it transportation, lodging, guides, food, equipment etc. We also offer customisations and tailor trips that suit your personal needs. With over 25 years of experience, we ensure quality service be it hospitality or active travel to make your experience special.

Protecting the Environment

While exploring mountain trails and being one with nature is our passion, we also believe in conserving the pristine environment that we so enjoy. With multiple tours being run on some of these trails, the damage to the surroundings is alarming. Our effort is to leave every camp site and trail as we find it or maybe even cleaner. We take an extra mule and/or porter on all our treks to gather and clean not just our waste but also that of others. To further our motto of limiting impact on the ecosystem, we limit the number of groups and people on a particular trail, minimising damage. A little effort goes a long way!


Safety is of prime importance and we regularly take measures to ensure all treks go without any incidents. Our experienced team ensures that safety is never compromised on. The team is aware of all the risks and is capable of handing any situation. On every trek, we carry a comprehensive medical kit with people trained in administering first aid. Our team is certified in mountaineering and wilderness first response. For further questions on safety, refer to the FAQs section.

We go a step further

Charged with desire take the road less travelled, we continuously strive to find newer trails. As a part of that effort, every year some of our team members undertake journeys to explore newer and relatively unexplored areas. We do offer treks that are being run by other operators, but at the same time we keep adding new trails instead of just going down the beaten path.