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Outdoor Guide

Same trip different pricing? What's the deal there?

By Dilshad Master Kumar Published On: 29 Mar 22

So, you find you've got 10 days of vacation and you want to head out for a trek - or maybe even a rafting expedition. You scour the net. And you find something strange ... the same trip seems to be priced differently by different operators. How do you pick the operator that is right for you then?


Kang La

When the weather gods come out to play

By Mohit Gulia Published On: 11 Mar 22

Few geographical features inspire the kind of awe that a long and seemingly never-ending glacier in the high Himalayas can. A trek that involves traversing one of the longest glaciers of the Indian Himalayas was always going to be on my bucket list and an experience that I would want to share with o


Kang La

Age is just a number and the journey is all that matters

By Prasanna Acharya Published On: 23 Feb 22

The exceedingly stark and beautiful Spiti valley, a chance meeting with Mohit at his Chicham homestay (deep within Spiti), a fondness for the outdoors, huge interest in books on mountaineering, and a (misplaced) confidence in my ability to tackle tough treks.


Takling La

To Triumph and Butter Chicken

By Mohit Gulia Published On: 27 Jan 22

It was the summer of 2017 and I had decided to spend it in Spiti. I was looking for some lesser known trekking options and was told of Takling La (5272 meters above sea level), a parallel route to the better known Parang La.


Parang La

Sky above, earth below & peace within

By Tanvi Sehgal Published On: 27 Jan 22

Why should you travel for 2 days, acclimatize for 3 and walk for 8 more? For me, it was the wildly changing landscape, surreal high altitude desert and the solitude of walking on ancient routes that feels like you’ve travelled through time.